How To Get Modern Chic Mehendi Look 2019!

modern chic 8.jpg

I bet, our beautiful brides to be are in a huge mess right now. Aren’t you? 2019 is still not done with winter festive season and I have seen the most unique, stylish and dreamy mehendi look worn by brides. Some of them are trendy regal, and some are  beautiful modern chic look. Now it’s a tough call what to choose- regal one or modern chic one. So here I am to help you how to get modern looks with some most amazing unseen inspirational looks…

Modern Chic- Very breezy, so comfy and manageable western mix Indian ethnic look! The minimal jewellery or no jewellery, loose open curls or braids and some contemporary designer outfits which have western touch are some essentials to get modern chic look. Really? Yes my beauties, to get modern chic look you are not done with the outfits but from head to toe you have to plan accordingly.

modern chic 7.jpg

Regal Mehendi Look- If you are not a modern chic kinda bride then don’t worry this regal mehendi look is so popular among Indian brides even overseas too. In 2019, we saw various minimal contemporary look and regal mehendi look, but the popular choice was of regal mehendi look. With the regal look, you can pull off the timeless traditional stunning queen’s look. (My next blog would be about regal look.)

Now we’ll talk how to get modern chic mehendi look!

Basic Steps To Follow To Get Modern Chic Mehendi Look-

Jewellery- If you want a charming edgy mehendi look then try minimal elegant jewellery or no jewellery. Nowadays, brides are not that much crazier about floral jewelleries as they used to be in 2018- mid 2019. For modern chic mehendi look, you have three options to style your jewellery-

 Go for elegant metallic or you can mix both floral and metals together. These days modern brides are ditching floral necklace for heavy earrings or math tika. The most popular flower of our modern brides is baby breath flower, specially for head jewellery.


jewel 2

Simply minimal floral jewellery, and ditch necklace so you can spill your modern vibes.

jewwl 1

Minimal metallic jewels and no necklace. 

jewel 3

Outfits- The outfits play a major role in your mehendi look. For a beautiful modern bride mehendi look, you need to pay attention on design, colour, embroidery or details of the outfit. Check these factors mentioned below-


Colour matters to an extant to give you a bright edgy look. So choose the colour of the outfit wisely, specially don’t go traditional. (Exceptions are available.) Colours like- blue, pastels, different shades of green, etc. works easily.

outfit’s designmodern chic 0.jpg

I will add a comment here that wisely choose mehendi outfit design. It shouldn’t be traditional lehenga choli but try some off-beat breezy, fashionable outfits like, crop top & skirt, draped saree, jumpsuits,etc. Mainly the designs which are inspired by the western outfits, you can say.


mehendi modern.jpg

modern chic 3.jpg

moderb chick 2.jpg

modern chic 13.jpg

modern chic 5.jpg

Elegant intricate embroidery like threadwork, floral prints, which is far away from traditional zardozi, zari, dabka, gotta patti, etc. kind of work. 

modern chic 4.jpg

modern chic 12.jpg

Makeup- If you want an edgy mehendi look, then outfit and makeup work parallel if anything goes wrong then your look can ruin your day. I am here with some beautiful, contemporary mehendi makeup looks for the inspiration.

Dewy makeup & bold, highlighted glittery smokey eye makeup in metallic colours with light glossy pink lips to bring out your inner beauty.


Peach Pink makeup for the brides who want makeup but minimal. So peach pink lips, luminous blush and lightly highlighted smokey eyes.


Matching Ombre eyes!! The most recent makeup trend of the season is to make a beautiful match with outfits or floral jewellery.


These makeup looks are by Orange The Salon.

 For the most stunning and attractive colourful mehendi outfits go to these two famous bridal couture labels- (Find your inspiration here.)

– Papadontpreach by Shubhika-

-Poonams Kaurture –

Inspiration for Modern Chic Outfits-

modern inspo 2.jpg

modern regal inspo.jpg


modern chic inspo 2.jpg

modern chich 10.jpg

modern chic inspo 3.jpg

modern chic 16.jpg

Now, you are all ready to rock your mehendi look in a very fashionable modern look.


Top Affordable And Trendy Ethnic Designers 2019


bea 1

Someone is getting married in the family!! Then, I bet all of you were hitting Google to search for some affordable designers. But it’s not an easy task. In the market, there is so much competition and you can’t decide by just searching on the internet. As well said by someone these days packaging looks better than the things inside it. If you buy online then you can only trust on some listed or famously labelled designers which are very much pricey. Right?? So how to shopping for designers who are affordable and trustable. So, here I am with some of the most well-known but in budget designers who are known for their designs.
Girls either you wan to wear their design on any festival like Diwali or at a wedding then trust me to check their collection and stun everybody around you. Their collection is not limited to bridal shopping but beautiful bridesmaids too. All right, let’s begin our search of most authentic designers in affordable rates.


-Girls, if you are shopping online for designers then don’t let yourself in a fraud trap. These days sites are being so realistic that you can’t judge either they are real or not. Before you shop always search deep for the designer and the site too.
-Don’t just buy their sweet talk about their designs. Ask for real images or close images of details and embellishments, if you are buying online. Never go for model photoshoots. Even you can ask for the video of the particular design.
-Don’t be shy and talk about every single detail like fabric, dupatta, contrast, flare, embellishments!
– Please make a record of the deal like chat screenshots or phone recordings, so later they can’t deny any of the facts.
bea 3.jpg

From Where to buy these designer outfits-

Guys, these designers have their own studio and you can buy their designs online too. Here, I am giving you some trustable multi-designer online platform-


IG handle-

Official Site-

Walia Jones- 

IG handle-

Official Site-

bea 4.jpg


Anisha Shetty

Brides and brides maids, if you are looking for something very unique but very much trendy then Anisha Shetty is right here with her most incredible or extraordinary designs. From trendy ivory lehengas or crop top skirt to stylish multicolored bridal lehengas, she has the most fashionable collection of the time in very attractive rates. Either it’s for mehendi & haldi, sangeet, wedding or festivals, she offers the beautiful couture like light and heavy lehnegas, indo-western, gown, etc. for your day.

Price- Her lehengas starts at INR 15,000, and suits starts at INR 10,000. You can get your perfect outfit in between INR 20,000 to 30,000.

anisha 2.jpg

anisha 1


Where to Shop- 

IG handle-

Shrena Hirawat

Shren Hirawat designs the most stylish and constantly updated trendy ethnic clothes. Her designs can be explained in a simple line- breezy, comfy ethnic wear with stunning edgy look. If you want some modern, contemporary look for your pre wedding festivities or if you are the bridesmaid then trust me, here you’ll have a large number of options to choose. If you are crazier a bout pastel pallets then guys go get them from this beautiful labelled designer collection. She has the most attractive pieces in tulle lehengas, ruffled dupattas with tulle lehengas, sharara, gowns, crop top & skirt in very affordable rates. So girls now you know to look amazing, from where to shop amazing.

shrena 6.jpg

Price- INR, 20,800

shrena 6.jpg


Price- INR 18,525

shrena 8.jpg

Price- INR 16,900

These prices may vary according to terms and conditions.

shrena 2.jpg

Where to shop- 

Her collection is available on her official site which is-

Insta Page-

Krina Patel

Krina Patel well known for her attractive designs which will allure you. Her beautiful couture can be defined as modern chicy designs with traditional flavor. Her elegant anarkali suits are so much stunning that if you desire to wear like Alia Bhatt’s Kalank look then our Krina Patel has a long line for you in very affordable prices. Trust me guys, if you want to shop labelled ethnic labelled for wedding or first meet with your in-laws or festivals then she has the beautiful couture for brides, bridesmaids and our girls who are not bridesmaids but have to attend a wedding in an elegant manner. Either it’s ruffled lehenga, beautiful tie dye lehengas, elegant anarkalis, light lehengas, etc. then this is the place to shop for.

Average Price-

Her anarkali suits begin at INR 10,000 and Light lehengas costs start at INR 18000.

krina 2

krina patel

krina patel 1


Where to Shop-

IG handle-


Priti Sahni

Youngest designer with extreme skills, Priti Sahni is known for her embroidered lehengas either bridal of light lehengas. She has some magical powers of blending colours and creating something new. Established her label in 2011, she just passed this decade with a marking history of success. She believes in her client’s satisfaction so she customizes the outfits in colours, embroidery or fabrics. And the amazing part is that she offers you all these in your budget. Choose your style and let her know and she will give some amazing outfits that you will be stunned. Check her collection on her official site that will definitely amaze you.

Average Price- Rs. 15000- 80,000

Sarees- Rs.15,000- 25,000

Light Lehengas- Rs. 30,000 – 60,000

Anarkali- Rs. 14,000 – 20,000






Where to buy- Available at Mogre, Fuel, Anantam, Hue Fashions

WhatsApp +91-9022617481


We are already drooling over her collection. Go and buy your look from the store.




Online Ethnic Stores For Designer Lovers In Less Prices!!


So many brides to be and bridesmaids of this season are asking me a question from where to get beautiful designer outfits in a particular budget which is not so high. But as we know designer clothes these days are so pricey. Even their starting price is out of our budget. So, girls, this is very clear, these days if you want a stunning outfit in a good fabric then your budget should be high. But, here I am with some of the amazing believable online stores who offer you some incredible services.

abhi 3

How Do They Work?

-These stores work in a very simple way. Some of the stores give you the option to send them any designs with details like designer name or how you want that dress and they will create your dream outfit in lesser rates than designer ones.

-Some stores have their own designer replica’s collection so you have to choose amongst them.

-The price of the outfit is being raised or reduced with your requirements. For ex. if you are buying a Sabya’s replica of bridal lehenga which starts from 50k then you can lower the price by cutting down on details, borders, etc.

– Their price is far lessened than a designer. If you desire to wear 7 lacs worthy bridal lehenga of Manish Malhotra then you can bring down the price by 70k.


rahul 2

Offline Market For Designer Replica IN Delhi & Mumbai

The best market for the shopping of designer replica outfits in Mumbai is Irla market, Vile Parle. There is a lane full of stores of a designer replica.

-Delhi is world-famous for this budget savvy shopping. In Delhi, Chandini Chowk is the best place where you will find hundreds of stores who creates designer replicas.

Budget- INR 15,000 – 200,000

(I will write a whole blog on offline stores.)

Let’s jump on online stores-


Sanzkriti Boutique

Mumbai based out, this store offers you the best services with the option of customization. Not for brides but bridesmaids, check their designer replica collection from simple saree, light lehengs, gown, sharara to bridal lehenga.

Contact Info- 

IG handle-


Aynaa By Shree Exports

I can say this is my favourite. This is a single spot for your ethnic shopping for wedding or festivals. If you want a very simple process without a single second thought for the outfit then go on this page and check their official site. You can ask them to create any piece you see on the internet and they will create it for you. I assure you that you’ll not be able to find out the difference between the original and the replica. If you have a budget concern then ask them to cut down some details which you don’t want then you are ready to go.

Contact Info-

Official Site-

IG page-

+91 96192 32239/ +91 98199 46694

v neck blouse

The Diva Looks

You can’t doubt their creativity. They create your dreamy outfits in your budget. You don’t need to go to any designer name for a special outfit for the wedding. You give them your dreamy account of the outfit and they’ll ensure so you can get your diva look. They have a huge collection of replicas and their designs too. Go on their page for some incredible outfits.

Contact Info- 

WhatsApp +91 8860500976

IG page-

sabya 2


If you want to wear some bollywood styled clothes or designer pieces on affordable rates than this trustworthy site is here to offer you unlimited designs which you’ll choose and they will create. Liking it?? Who wouldn’t? So girls, get your inspirational designs from social media and let them know, and get ready to surprise everybody in the so-called designer outfit (wink)!!!

Contact Info-

IG page-

Official site-


Indian Ethnic Studio

Dear bridesmaids, they have an amazing service to offer you. Give them your design and they will give you their best creative replica which you want in your prices. You can get your all festive clothes here. One stop for all festivities.

Contact Info-

📧 –
☎️ – +919599804530(whats app)








Beautiful Outfit Inspiration For Beautiful Bridesmaids


Hi girls!! Looking forward to rocking a wedding like a diva. But how? This can be very tricky as there are so many sources for telling you all new trends in bridal outfits but what about sisters, friends of the bride or groom? So, I am here to update you with the best designer ethnic outfits for our beautiful bridesmaids. 

If it’s your sister’s wedding, how can you compromise on your looks but you can not overdo your look. Right! Let’s jump in different kind of outfits which you should look at for the wedding outfit inspiration. 




-The major thing which you should keep in your mind while choosing your outfit for a wedding that where and when you are going to wear these and what are the trends are going for that one?

-Jewellery should be very minimal yet very classy and should match with the outfits.

– Don’t go so low or outshine much.

Favourite Designers in the budget-

According to the budget aspect as well as designs too, my favourite labels are-


Light lehenga, gowns, sarees, suits- INR 50000- 100,000

Pooja Peshroia

Light Lehenga, gowns- INR 25,000- 70,000

Anisha Shetty

Lehenga, gowns, sarees, suits -INR 15,000- 50,000

Priti Sahini

Lehenga, gowns, sarees, suits- INR 20,000- 50,000

Kalki Fashions

Lehenga, gowns, sarees, suits- INR 30,000- 100,000

abhinav mishra 1lakh.jpg

By Abhinav Mishra

Price- 100,000


1. Punjabi Suits-

As we always try to look towards something new and modern outfits but why to forget our traditional outfits. These classy patiala suits with a slightly modern touch will never go out of the tradition. Wear these in day mehendi with punjabi braid and paranda. Pair the suit with punjabi juttie and jhumkas. Definitely, it would be something new and offbeat look. 

Where to buy

Prices- INR 7000 onwards


laskara 3

By Lashkara


By Lashkara

lashkara 2


arpita 1

By Arpita Mehta

2. Sharara and Gharara

As sharara and gharara pattern is back in the trend. Pick your favourite designs from your favourite designer and pair with some minimal jewellery. Go for light pieces of jewellery like earrings and then you are ready with basic makeup to rock any day festivity either it’s haldi, mehndi or shagan. If you go for heavy sharara then you can wear it in sangeet too.
In this beautiful sharara by the Koski you can shine in the sangeet night brighter than a star.

koski sharara

By The Koski

pooja peshroi

By Pooja Peshroi

prevasu 6

By Prevasu

arpita mehta

By Arpita Mehta

3. Sarees

So, girls my advice is that at least in a function show your sassiness and elegance together in a saree, especially in day wedding. Either it’s haldi, sangeet or wedding, there is no occasion for which saree is not available.

Day Wedding- Take some pastel colours or light soothing colours with prints and I assure you that you’ll be stealing someone’s thunder for a second.


This beautifully embroidered saree by Pooja Peshoria is perfect for your friend’s day wedding. Pair it with danglers and waist belt and you are a perfect diva.

pooja 3

By Pooja Peshoria

lashkara 6

By Lashkara

Arpita Mehta is known for her boundless creativity, and this saree by her is a perfect outfit for the day wedding. Pair this saree with beautiful diamond necklce and earrings, and you are ready to slay the wedding.


arpita 5

By Arpita Mehta

Night Wedding- Go for some shiny, bright or dark hued saree for the night wedding. Crystallized saree, sequin saree, highly embroidered saree are for the night wedding.

saree by ridhi jain

By Ridhi Jain

This lilac georgette saree will go both in night and day wedding.

Price- INR 8000 onwards

saree by lashkara.jpg

By Lashkara

These days florals are highly trending. But these floral applique work saree by tarun Tahiliani is so beautiful to wear in night wedding.

floral saree by tarun.jpg

By Tarun Tahiliani

This ivory all sequin saree by Maish Malhotra is a new trend. So girls if you want to look straight hot then go for such saree with sexy blouse. In the market , you can easily find it.


By Manish Malhotra

4. Crop Top & Skirt

Why crop top & skirt? These outfits have a nudge of modern culture. You can find so many creativity in the top mainly. Varieties of sleeves and neck lines to make you look hot and trendy. Generally in crop top and skirt, the skirt would be always flared or ball pattern. These designs are perfect for your sister’s sangeet night. In sangeet you need a flared lehenga or skirt, so you can beautifully twirl on the dance floor.

This hot pink sitara embellished crop top & skirt by Vani Vats is so lavish and bright that it will bring your dancing diva out beautifully.


By Vani Vats

This bohemian tapestry skirt with embroidered blouse is a brand new outfit. You can pop up your colours in this stunning outfit on sangeet night.

bohemina tapestery by walia jones

Find this lehenga on Walijones

This black sequinned flared skirt with embroidered blouse is by Seema Khan. Imagine yourself wearing this black skirt and I know you loved this new outfit.

by seema khan

These sleeves are hitting this season with a bang. So, go for such kind of skirt and top.



By Prevasu


By Vani Vats

5. Palazzo Sets

Flow with the trends, as palazzo sets are very comfy and easy to carry, so girls are crazier about these. Instead of other ethnic wear, it doesn’t burn a hole into your pocket. For the most classy and easy breezy look go for these.

I think what you are thinking right now by seeing this picture. POO from K3G right??? But yeah that’s true I am in love with this slit cut palazzo set by Prevasu. Wear this and dance the whole night in your friend’s sangeet.


By Prevasu

Wear this in mehendi and see the glares of people around you.

pooja 5

By Pooja Peshoria


6. Light Lehenga

New trends will come and go but Indian light lehengas with new pretty changes will always be here to make you look good. For the traditional diva look always go to Indian lehengas with slight modern touch. You can wear these lehengas in sangeet and wedding also.

I suggest you if you don’t have any budget issue then visit Prevasu in New Delhi. Undoubtedly, they have the surprising collection of lehengas here.

Please DM for the price of these lehengas.

This hot pink saree lehenga by Prevasu is truly alluring.

prevasu 1 lehenga saree.jpg

Price- INR 70,000 onwards


Price- INR 50000 onwards

By Prevasu

Tulle lehengas are specially for bridesmaids. They are very light to carry. This mirror tulle lehenga by Prevasu is so adorable.

prevashu 3

Price- INR 45,000 onwards

By Prevasu

vani 2


By Pooja Peshoria


Where to find these outifts onine-

-Aza Fashions

Pernia’s Pop Up Show




New Alluring Bridal Lehenga Trends 2019-2020


Getting married in the winter season!! Then hurry, it’s a peak time for the purchase of wedding lehenga. These days so many trends come and go with a blink but some of them stay for a long time or forever. When you buy a bridal lehenga there are always so many thoughts in your mind like what kind of lehenga you should buy and what are the trends which you should follow and you shouldn’t. I know no one wants to look outdated especially on the wedding day. There are so many social media outlets who are serving you the most amazing lehengas pictures and brides but it depends on you which will suit you!

So, again I am here to help you out with some amazing trends of this year and constantly going to run in next season also. I am going to deal with some of the new trends or some of the evergreen trends.



– Never follow any trend blindly! Before selecting your lehenga you should keep so many facts in your mind like- fabric, weather, skin tone, day/night wedding, budget, jewellery if you have bought, etc.

– Always go for a customized option, not for ready-made!

– If you can’t afford designer lehengas then pick your design, buy your fabric and go to some well-reputed tailor or boutique. You can get your designer lehenga at a very low price.

1. All Over Pastel Palette

With Anushka Sharma’s pastel wedding lehenga, pastel palette has entered in our wedding culture with a bang and made never going out place. I have seen innumerable brides wearing pastels and showed the world that they are beautiful divas.

Day Wedding Pastel Lehengas- Generally pastel lehengas are designed for day weddings. These pastels lehengas are white stone or pearl embellished and embroidered on a pastel-hued base. So they can shine in the day like with giving a sober and elegant look to a bride.

pastle 1.jpg
pastel 7
pastel 3

Night Wedding Pastel Lehengas- As the brides are highly stick on pastels so there are designs which you can wear in night wedding. Try to find out some pastel colours like pastel peach with golden crystal detailing, or some zari, dabka traditional work which can make you shine among the lights.

pastel with gold

2.Floral Lehengas For Day and Night

The newest trend which is running this season is floral lehengas. I have seen some of the most amazing floral lehengas by Sabayasachi. 

Florals for Day Wedding- I have divided floral lehengas into two sections for a better understanding. Floral lehengas in prints or embroidered on pastel-hued base are for your day wedding.

floral day.jpg
floral day 2
floral 33
floral day 1

Floral Lehenga For Night Wedding- Floral shaped embroidery or detailed dabak, zadozi or stone work on beige, peach or some dark base is for your night wedding.

floral 4

3. Off-Shoulder Blouse With Lehenga

The most stylish new trend which caught everyone’s eyes is off-shoulder blouse pairing with full jadau choker set. This is the most different and soothing trend of the year.

off shoulder 7.jpg
off shoulder 6
off shoulder 1
off shoulder

4. Minimal Detailing Red Lehengas

Till now we saw full heavily embellished lehenga or thread work embroidered lehenga, which are still running in trends. But this season I caught a new trend of minimal embellishment and embroidered lehengas.

light red 1.jpg
light red
light red 4

5. All-Red Embroidered Lehenga

Okay! So everybody knows this is Priyanka Chopra’s wedding lehenga inspired trend. Yes, after the diva introduced us with this all-red heavily embroidered lehenga, this became a trend among brides. But you can say it’s not going too far now. Fading out from the market.

priyanka lehenga
all red pri

6. Front Dupatta Contrast with Lehenga is Out and The Veil is A New Contrast Now

2018 was full of front dupatta contrast with lehengas. We saw much amazing contrasts and we loved them. But they are out now and brides are going for the headcover dupatta or second dupatta for contrast.

second dupatta con
second dupatta cont
second dupatta c
second dup

7. All In One Hue

As above I mentioned still brides like to include contrast in their look. But according to new trends, most of the brides are inclined towards all in one colour lehenga.

brocade lehenga
all in
red full.jpg

8. Panelled/ball Lehenga

Slightly different from flared lehengas, today’s panelled lehengas are trending now. They are easy and manageable, and a good flare you have.

panel 4.jpg

9. Sexy Plunging Neck Line Blouse

This is the new trend since Deepika Padukone wore this in her reception. But it depends on how much you are comfortable wearing such a sexy neckline. As I am not. If you are comfortable then only wear it. Don’t go for this just because it looks good on someone else.

v neck blouse.jpg
v neck 6

10. The Long Trail/Train

This year was so full of new trends and I have seen so many brides in real implementing these. But this trend is to add elegance to your bridal entry. This can be a little bit unmanageable but look very stunning.

veil 3

If you liked my blog and have some queries then leave a comment or DM on my Intsa handle.

Gulati Editions- One Stop For Your Banarasi Saree Love



“Look at this beautiful saree! From where did you buy this?? What a royal piece??” I know, we girls always get ready to hear these compliments right?? Sometimes even after spending thousands on outfits, we don’t get much appreciation. so, let’s take note and save it somewhere because I am bringing you the most amazing outfit which is unbeatable by anything. Banarasi pure silk sarees, these words itself bring the most elegant trend with themselves.
I have grown seeing these beautiful sarees and still, they are constantly grabbing the market. Across the world, women are crazier about these royal pieces. And you can see from well-reputed celebrities to common well to do girls opting for banarasi silk sarees instead of georgette sarees. And why we shouldn’t! Even those brides who want to leave a first-ever royal impression then make your first entry in your roka by wearing beautiful banarasi silk. So, brides if you want to make your first elegant impression in-laws’ house then I would recommend these royal sarees or banarasi silk dupattas.


Gulati Editions

Since 1959, the most amazing clothing brand Gulati Editions is here to fulfil your beautiful dreams with their beautiful collection of handwoven Banarasi silk dupattas and sarees. The most amazing thing about their collection is that every single piece is not even handcrafted but hand-dyed too. The intricate and lush detail of golden and silver zari is worthy to include in your closet . If you want the most luxurious handcrafted banarasi silk sarees and dupattas then this is your dreamy stop to fulfil your utopian vision of royalty.

Here, I am giving you a little sneak into their lavish collection with prices. They offer services offline and online too. Contact info is given at the end.


Handwoven Golden Zari Banarasi Sarees

A beautiful collection of sarees in bright and modern colours. These sarees are handwoven by local artisans. Traditionally rich these sarees are the best way to stand out in a crowd.

Fabric- Pure Silk



Price- INR 14,000 onwards

Royal Blue Silver Zari Handwoven Saree

Hey bride or groom’s sister! If you are searching for an outfit for day festivities like mehendi and others, then this is your saree to raise the level of elegance.




Price- INR 15000 onwards

The Kanjivaram Silk

These days I have seen various brides are going for Kanjivaram Silk with a broad border for their wedding outfit. So here it is for you. Go for this pure silk saree to rock your function.


Price- INR 15,000 onwards

Multicoloured Handwoven Banarasi Saree (Rang Mahal)

This saree represents the true tradition of India. This is handwoven by local artisans in the heritage handloom which shows how richly it represents our culture. So, this is the best wear at a wedding because you can find other designer sarees look alike but it will make you stand out.

Fabric- Georgette


Price- INR 18000 onwards


Rang Mahal Sarees

Reflecting the culture of India, these sarees are made of pure silk fabric and handcrafted with golden zari by local weavers.


Price- INR 22,000 onwards

Pure Banarasi Dupatta

These banarasi dupatta by Gulati Editions are made of pure silk fabric. You can find the varieties of banarasi dupatta in bright colours as well as pastel and light colour too. They have a huge variety in this which is truly rich in culture. As sarees, the dupattas are also handwoven in golden and silver zari by local weavers. I will definitely say that there is nothing in this world which can make you look this royal then these banarasi dupattas.



Price- INR 15,000 onwards


Price- INR 10,000 onwards


Price- INR 8000 onwards


Price- INR 8000 onwards

I am sure you are in love with the collection Gulati Editions has.

Gulati Editions-

IG page-

whatsapp on +91 7998380000

5 Biggest Rental Stores of India for Designer Ethnic Outfits


Hey, girls out there! I know since our childhood we grew up seeing and talking about big designer names and their designs. We fantasize about the wedding wearing those designer outfits. Not just brides even other girls in the wedding of their brother and sister or friends, they put their best to look perfect. But these days, buying designer clothes are like buying some big diamonds. They are ridiculously overcharging. And I know to buy a pricey lehenga which you are going to wear for once and then never is not a good deal. Now the question is what you can do so you can wear designer clothes too but by paying low??

RENTAL STORES!! Really are they helpful? So let me tell you that since like 9-10 years there are so many stores and now online stores who are working to give their best and designer pieces on rent. These days online stores have made this thing very easy. Wouldn’t you like that somebody is delivering your outfit on your doorstep and picking it back from the same?? So all hustles you can leave on these rental stores.

So let’s dive into some big and trustworthy names in rentals.


– Before renting measure your size completely with some professional and then order.

-If you are renting from the nearby store then go for a trial before you book it.

-As rental stores have fewer options and sizes too so place your order before 3-4 months.


1. Flyrobe

You are going to love this place because of their services! This is India’s biggest rental store who has branches in selected cities. But these days they have started online services too. So, you can get everything from here not just ethnic wears but cocktail dresses, formals, jewellery, bags, shoes, everything which you need for the wedding. As you place an order they send one of their men to get the measurements so that you can fit in that dress.

Average Rent- 10-15% of their retail price!

Rent ends in 4 days!!!

Rent- INR 2999

Rent- INR 2199

Rent- INR 2799

Rent- INR 21,999

Rent- INR 12000

Where to buy-

2. Stage 3 Social

Opened in 2016, this New-Delhi based store offers you to rent Sabyasachi lehenga, sarees for your special day. Not just Sabya, Anju Modi, Shantanu & Nikhil, Anamika Khanna, Manish Malhotra and other big names too! They provide their services in Delhi-NCR,  Chandigarh, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmedabad Lucknow and Bangalore. The rent option is for both man and woman.

Average Rent- INR 2000-5000/



Rent- INR 3299

stage 3

The original Sabyasachi Lehenga


Rent- INR 35,000



Rent- INR 3499



Rent- INR 1999

Where to buy-

3. The Clothing Rental

Ican’t express my excitement after seeing their new collection. If you girls live in some fairy world or you can say bolly world then my dear this is the place where you can get all your outfits. From wedding gowns to bridal wear there is nothing they don’t have. They offer you a huge line of outfits from western outfits to Indian ethnic wear both for man and women. And wedding outfits are not complete without bags, accessories, so they have it all in their store. They have an amazing collection of prewedding gowns. Girls who are dreaming of wearing a red gown with a long trail, your search ends here.
They have secretly worn their outfits to big celebrities. My God, I am totally loving this page. A huge variety in this budget no once can get you this.

Average Price- Starts From INR 4000/




Rent- INR 8000


Rent- INR 5000



Rent- INR 9000



Rent- INR 4000

Where to buy


4. Rent An Attire

This outlet not only offers ethnic wear but premium updated designer outfits for the prewedding shoot, parties, wedding, and other occasions. In their designer collection, you can find out for Sabyasachi, Sonam Parmar, kora and Ridhi Mehra. Your search for every type of lehengas, suits, ball gowns, sarees, etc. ends here. The best part is that their renting days are flexible like 3 to 10 days. They have three stores in three cities- Pune, Dehradun or Shahpur Jat, Delhi.

Three pins to save-

  1. They provide you the customization.
  2. Refundable Deposit
  3. Free pickup/Delivery

Average Price- 

Light Lehenga- INR 3000- 8000

Bridal Lehenga- INR 6000- 15000


Rent- INR 5,999

Rent- INR 3,999

Rent- INR 7990

From Jewellery to your outfits, one stop for everything you need in the wedding.

Where to buy-

5. Wedding Bells- Rent An Attire

They have the amazing studio in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. They offer you varieties of  ethnic wear like light lehenga, bridal lehenga, indo-western outfits, and many more. They don’t deal online. To rent an outfit, you have to visit their store. But trust me they have some amazing collection. You can check their collection on their Instagram handle.

Average Rent- 

Light Lehengas- INR 2000 – 8000

Bridal Lehenga- INR 6000 – 20,000

Gown/Anarkali/Suits– INR 1000- 7000


Where to buy- H-13, Main Market Marg, Block H, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027


Famous Hairstyle Trends For Brides and Bridesmaids


Hey brides and bridesmaids!! Are you ready for the wedding?? These days weddings are so much fancier than ever. From decor to music, you put your efforts to make it dreamy then why to forget yourself? Beauty doesn’t complete without your proper hairdo, girls. Searching out for the best outfits and makeup artists, but yeah you missed out for the hairstylists! Yeah, generally we do a lot of research about makeup and makeup artists but forgets about hairstyles, And we end up deciding hairstyles at the last moment and discussing with the makeup artist while seeing pictures in the phone. So there is almost chance that with this you can ruin your look too.

These days we have innumerable hairdo options for brides. These options are not limited to the wedding day but you have various options for your sangeet, engagement, mehendi or haldi. We began from traditional hairdo with gajra and now we have reached to dry florals or artificial headpieces.
In this blog, I am going to divide hairstyles into three sections according to trends and you are free to mix and match those with outfits. Take your wedding inspirations from here and be pretty.




-Mandatory trial! Don’t go with the hairstyles you see on the internet instantly. First, pick some of from social media then try them before your D-day or any function. It’s because every hairstyle has its nature that depends on face shape and hair length.

-Never ignore your veil. Covering your head is a very effective aspect in deciding hairstyles.

-Don’t overdo! Sometimes we use so many hair accessories that instead of looking like a princess, ends up looking like a shiny clown.

– Outfits!! Never forget what you are wearing and specially the neckline of the outfit.

-Jewellery !! What kind of neck piece you are wearing?? So, before choosing hairstyle remember these and then go for your hairstyle.

main 2.jpg

1. Engagement or Sangeet Hairdo

Hairstyles for engagement or sangeet totally depends on your outfit. It depends on what is your outfit like some ball gown, tube gown or some light Indian lehenga. But if you are choosing any hairstyle for your sangeet then remember you are going to dance and your pictures can be ruined if you let free your hair completely. So half tuck or curl but make them manageable.



Simply Poker Straight Hair by Ritik   engagement 2.jpg


Half tucked messy curls is perfect to go with your traditional light lehengas or Indian gowns.


Spiral Curls with a artificial headpiece is something to rock your sangeet night in some Indo-western.


If you are wearing tube neck gown then go for some messy buns with floral beads and you’ll definitely slay it.


This hairstyle will go both in mehendi and sangeet too. How? If your headpiece is made of some fresh colourful flowers then it is for your mehendi or if it is like some shimmery artficial florals then it’s for your sangeet night.

engagement and mehendi.jpg

Messy bun again with artificial pin to go with your all kind of outfits.

messy buns engagemne.jpg

Textured bun with headpieces is to go with outfits which have collar neck. And if you want to wear it with your tube neck also then remember that you’ll be able to manage it.



Wavy hair with knot is amazingly new style which will go with everything. After all it’s free open hair.


Wavy Curls with headband!! Girls who want to let free your hair this one is for you.


2. Mehendi Hairstyles

Mehendi hairstyles and no florals!! What are you talking about??? Mehendi is all about floral decor and floral princess-the bride. Try to go for some open hair or side braids as they are very much in trend.

Half tucked wavy hair with floral accessories is very popular these days among brides.

me 2.jpg

This side braid with artificial baby breath flower is amazing. But before picking it try this as it doesn’t look on good on every face specially round face girls.

mehnd 6.jpg

Long hair blessed brides go for this. As you can see you can match these floral beads with your outfits too.

mehen 1

Half pony tail and wavy curls with floral accessories!!

mehnd 2

Floral messy side braids!

mehndi 8

mehendi 3

Fishtail braid with floral beads!

mehn 444

Half tucked hair with three messy braids!!

mehn 22

Front Bang braids with floral accessories!

mehn 4

Textured floral hair!!

mehendi 999

Floral braid!!

mehendi braid

Floral tiaras for open hair!!


3. D-day Buns

On wedding day most of the brides go for buns as they cover the head and that heavy veil can’t stick on head in free hair. Right?? Even I would say a real bridal look comes in the bun only. So, brides go for any bun but choose wisely. Don’t just focus on the back of your hairstyle for wedding but choose your front style according to your face shape.


Criss-cross baby breath flower low-hanging bun by Ritik


Baby breath front bang braid with low hanging bun. Girls go for this hairstyle if you are tucking your duptta in your bun only. If you are planning to cover from the top of your head then this is not for you.


Textured low-hanging bun with a floral line!


Again Low-hanging ringlet bun with flowers.


Full covered floral bun!!


Full-covered floral accented bun with metallic touch!!


This new colourful- pink and purple full covered bun has proved that floral buns are not going out.


wed 0

Baby Breath flower bun is the new trend of the season.


Front bang braid and back low handing bun.


Half Floral curly bun!




So, enjoy your wedding with some cool and modern hairstyles.


For You Indian Divas- Saree Trends of 2019!


Yes! You heard right- If you want to look sassy then saree is the best outfit in the world. Wear trendy saree and you are ready to spill your tradition and glamour together at your wedding. Even, I have seen various brides who opted saree for their wedding day outfit. Since my childhood, I have seen so many trends in saree but highly dominant saree design was different borders. But these days we have seen a new trend of printed sarees.
WE Indians are known for the varieties in saree either it’s world-famous kanchipuram or banarasi saree. But here I am concentrating only on different designs we saw in 2019 alone in fancy sarees. Let’s find out new designs in sarees-
Anita dongre saree


-Select saree according to your body types. Like if you have apple body shape then always go for wide embroidery so you can compliment your bust area. If you have plus size figure then choose silk over cotton.

-While choosing a saree for a special occasion then never go after red saree as you have seen some actor on tv screen. While choosing colour of saree always consider your body shape and then choose wisely. Dark hued saree will make you look slimmer.


How To Style Your Saree-

-If you go with trends then these days high belts in different designs are coming in the market. Metallic belts, embroidered belt, belly chain, elasticated belts, etc.

-You can style your saree by pairing up with a jacket or a blazer too.

-Neck drape is the new trend to style your saree in very different and new way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


1. Multi-coloured Wide Border with Full Embroidered Blouse on Ivory Base Traditional Saree

This saree by Tarun Tahiliani is the definition of elegance itself. If you are looking for elegant mehendi look then go for this saree and team up with multi-coloured floral jewellery.


2. Drapped + Layered Saree

This saree by Ridhi Mehra shows a new trend in saree. This kind of saree is already drapped, so you don’t have to worry about pleats. It’s very comfy and manageable. No border or no print but the blouse with pearl embellishment is something I call elegant.

Looking for a outfit for your sister’s engagement then here it is.

drapped by ridhi


3. Full Embellished and Embroidered (Crystalized sarees) Saree on Net/Chiffon Fabric

The net stuff is back with a bang but this time with a little change. This trend brought lots of embroidery or intricate work on saree. If you have a slimmer body then this saree is for you.

If you want to slay your friend’s sangeet then go and glitter like a diamond.


saree by tarun thiliani.jpg

priyanakacrytsalized tarun thili


4. All Sequin Embellished Saree

The new trend for bridesmaids who want to steal all attention towards them is sequin embellished saree. So in this trend, you will not find any border but a dazzling long saree.

Wear this saree in night party or cocktail function and let me know that you slayed your cocktail in very off-beat yet in very elegant manner.



tarun tih.jpg

5. It’s All About Prints

The new trend with beautiful small or big prints on saree has taken over the season. It comes either with no border or thin border.

If you want to match the bride’s floral jewellery with you then go for the floral prints saree for mehendi outfit. Even brides, if you want to keep it very simple yet very sassy elegant look in your mehendi go for sheer fabric floral print saree.


kangana in anita


6. Ruffled + Printed Saree

We have seen many celebrities wearing ruffled sarees but these prints make them different from other plain ruffle saree. The 2019 began with ruffled saree. It’s quite old now but still in trend.

ruffle saree by arpita

kriti sanon

arpita mehta


7. Plain Ruffled Saree In Net Fabric

If you don’t want to think much about your friend’s wedding outift then go for this patterned saree. And in the night or day wedding, you are going to dazzle.


shipa 1

ridhi mehra

8. Layered Saree With Jacket

This blue organza saree by Ridhi Mehra is a new trend. A jacket with a navy belt are adding charm in this saree.


9. Traditional Sarees With Wide Border

These sarees will never get old as it’s our tradition. And I’ll say Old is and will be always gold.

Opt such kind of sarees for your roka and definitely you will never regret.





10. Ruffled + Layered Saree in Prints

Ditching the border and adopting prints is the new trend of 2019. These days young girls are opting for ruffled and layered saree in one.

If you are looking for wedding guest outfit inspiration then go for it.

alia 2.jpg