Do’s or Don’ts For the Bride & Bridesmaids


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You are getting married!!! Girl you don’t have much time now. Let’s gear up and start planning for the day with your bridesmaids. We, women are actually so much emotional and fancy about our D-Day because we start dreaming about our marriage before we know anything. To make our wedding day the perfect, a women is always ready to give her best. But, if we say, this celebration asks A LOT from the bride. Therefore, we get stuck in such fuss that we miss our meals or nutrients. And the wedding day is the one day when the bride gets the attention from all. So, start pampering yourself to get the flawless, stunning, radiant and beautiful skin.


1. Drinking Water (A Lot) Works Like a Miracle

You want to keep fit yourself and want to look like a radiant star on the day. So, today is the day, start drinking 3-4 litres of water a day. Water helps you in losing weight, digests the food and gives you a watery pink skin.

Sporty girl drinking water in park

2. Say Yes to Veggies and Fruits

If you want to stay hydrated then not only water but include fruits and veggies into your daily routine. Not only one but two servings in a day keep you glowy bride. All the vitamins and water which you need can take from these.


3.Yass!! Daily Workout, Sassy!

Daily workout is the answer to all your questions. Body weight, pink glowy skin all you can have, just do workout on routine. Experts recommend Yoga as it detoxifies our body, helps in circulation of the blood. Certainly, this will give your skin a color and healthy look.


4.Strictly No to Alcohol & Smoking

The Bachelorette Party!! Yeahhh but cut out the consumption of alcohol and smoke from your daily routine and mainly near your wedding day strictly say NO.  As these cause swollen face and puffiness around your eyes. You don’t want to look puffy bride right.


5. Beauty Sleep!! Hell Yeah!

In the hustle bustle of wedding planning, we don’t take a good sleep. Either we keep busy ourselves on phone late night or chatting with the special one. DO it but take a healthy sleep which is six hours a day. Otherwise you will get dark circles, puffiness around your eyes. You don’t want to look like a sleepless Zombie. Right?  A healthy sleep gives the body needed energy to restart in the morning.


6. Goodbye Junk Food

Pizza, Burger, pastry!! The watering mouth but still say NO to junk food. Such kind of junkies damages our metabolism. This can lead in weight gain, breakouts on your skin and facial bloating. Say Goodbye to these and Welcome to healthy body and skin.


7. Sugar!! Naah! What are you saying??

Not saying to quit sugar but refined sugar or refined carbohydrates.  As the high consumption of sugar elevates the blood sugar. It also helps in gaining unwanted muscles. So try to avoid sugar in soda, coffee, ice creams, etc.


8. Smile The Therapy

Smile keeps our skin’s elasticity and tightens our facial muscle tone. So keep smile. Your smile will make you the prettiest bride till the day.


So, here are the things to avoid and to adopt in your daily routine to look mesmerizing on the day either its your day or your sister’s or friend’s wedding. Just stay beautiful.