Bridal and Non-bridal Couture Designers For Budget Savvy Brides and Bridesmaids



Wedding!! This word brings a lot of celebration and festivities with itself specially our Indian wedding. Not just one but we have various functions and every girl wants to steal all the attention either if she’s a bride or a bridesmaid. But, since our childhood we only hear big designer names whose prices begin with 2-3 lakhs minimum. And if we go search online then we see everywhere brides of Sabyasachi, whose bridal lehenga’s minimum costs is around 4 lakhs. So, what about savvy and practical brides who don’t want to spend too much on the outfits but still want designer outfits for wedding? Even after lehenga, we have the list to buy things like mathcing jewellery, heels, etc. which crosses our budget.


For good reasons, here we are to help you out with this blog. Presenting some of our designers of the industry who are well-known names and still in our budget.


Before we head out to the designers, let’s dive in some basic tips-

– Try to save more on bridal lehenga because we have many things to buy. So make your budget listing and divide it for jewellery, makeup, lehenga, heels, and everything. Because the wanted desiring look comes with the whole package. It doesn’t work like buying Sabya Lehenga and the jewellery are not up to that level.


– Don’t go for ready-made lehenga as every designer gives you the option of customization. If you like the shade of a outfit but doesn’t like the embroidery then ditch that embroidery and customize it with your choice.

– Don’t blow away a beautiful lehenga because of some label. If you want designer lehenga then consider some designers who are trying to emerge and giving you the most elegant and glamorous lehenga but don’t have the famous label, take it.

Abhinav Mishra


Abhinav Mishra, a celebrity designer is well-known for his Indian glamorous bridal and non-bridal collection mainly in pastel colours. If you want non-bridal lehenga, indo-wester outfits, suits and sharara, etc. in budget 40,000-80,000 then visit his store in Shapurjat, New Delhi. You will be having many options for you. But, as this is their minimum range, so you’ll be having fewer options in this range. His new mirror lehenga collection is out but it seems very costly for budget-friendly girls. As they cost around 2 lakhs.

Average Price- Starts Rs. 30,000- 250,000

Where to buy– He’s about to launch his official site soon. Hope, you can find all outfits by him online.

Some of his designs you can buy from these online store-





Rs. 67,200


-Non-bridal Lehenga



-Floor Length Gown

– Indo-western Outfits


These days, we can find many celebrities wearing this designer’s outfits at weddings. Recently, we saw Kiara Advani dancing in a blue traditional jumpsuit at some wedding, was designed by Shubhika only. Till now, no one came out with such unique and offbeat designs for brides as she came. Her designs are very glamorous and mainly for fun and sassy chic. Some of her designs can be under your budget. Most of her designs are around 1 lakh.


Price- Rs. 75,000

Price- Rs. 80,000

Price- Rs. 75,500

Average Price- 60,000 – 150,000

Buy online-

Aditya & Mohit

This duo designer team has taken their brand to another level of success. From regal outfits to contemporary edgy look, you can find yours in their studio even in your budget. Their range starts from 40,000 and ends nowhere. But, we can assure you if you are budget-friendly and want something different then stop by this store in Chandini Chowk. From anarkali suits to bridal lehenga, they offer you all Indian ethical outfits.

Average Price- Rs. 40,000 – 300,000



Average Prices-

Non-bridal Lehenga- Rs.25000- 95000

Bridal Lehenga-  Rs. 50,000- 250,000

Gowns- Rs. 30,000 – 95,000

Where to buy- You have to visit his store in Chandini Chowk, New Delhi.

Book an Appointment



Matsya by Utkarsh Ahuja

Here comes another stop for you to check your look in your budget. This old-established, New Delhi based luxury brand is known for his craftsmanship, handwork or applique work on their designs. If you want to classy regal look then don’t miss out this place. Their offbeat collection in tiffany blue or pastels will make you fall for them. And the best things is that it comes to your budget.

Average Price- Rs. 60000 – 250,000



Where to buy- Visit their store in New Delhi!

Check their collection-


Bridal Lehenga


Non-bridla light lehenga




Monika Nidhi

Drooling over this designer’s outfits. Her outfits are about detailed and minute embroidery and minimal stone works. She designs not just the whole costume even the fabric too. First detailed handwork of embroidery on fabric and that developed fabric is turned into an outstanding design. She offers you minutely hand-worked chikankari lehenga and ruffled lehenga. Brides and bridesmaids this will be the best spot for your classy traditional touch edgy look in different colour pallets.

Average Price- Rs. 25000-200,000



Where to buy- Visit her store in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

Aza Fashions



Light Lehenga





Priti Sahni

Youngest designer with extreme skills, Priti Sahni is known for her embroidered lehengas either bridal of light lehengas. She has some magical powers of blending colours and creating something new. Established her label in 2011, she just passed this decade with a marking history of success. She believes in her client’s satisfaction so she customizes the outfits in colours, embroidery or fabrics. And the amazing part is that she offers you all these in your budget. Choose your style and let her know and she will give some amazing outfits that you will be stunned. Check her collection on her official site that will definitely amaze you.

Average Price- Rs. 15000- 80,000

Sarees- Rs.15,000- 25,000

Light Lehengas- Rs. 30,000 – 60,000

Anarkali- Rs. 14,000 – 20,000






Where to buy- Available at Mogre, Fuel, Anantam, Hue Fashions

WhatsApp +91-9022617481


We are already drooling over her collection. Go and buy your look from the store.




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