Famous Hairstyle Trends For Brides and Bridesmaids


Hey brides and bridesmaids!! Are you ready for the wedding?? These days weddings are so much fancier than ever. From decor to music, you put your efforts to make it dreamy then why to forget yourself? Beauty doesn’t complete without your proper hairdo, girls. Searching out for the best outfits and makeup artists, but yeah you missed out for the hairstylists! Yeah, generally we do a lot of research about makeup and makeup artists but forgets about hairstyles, And we end up deciding hairstyles at the last moment and discussing with the makeup artist while seeing pictures in the phone. So there is almost chance that with this you can ruin your look too.

These days we have innumerable hairdo options for brides. These options are not limited to the wedding day but you have various options for your sangeet, engagement, mehendi or haldi. We began from traditional hairdo with gajra and now we have reached to dry florals or artificial headpieces.
In this blog, I am going to divide hairstyles into three sections according to trends and you are free to mix and match those with outfits. Take your wedding inspirations from here and be pretty.




-Mandatory trial! Don’t go with the hairstyles you see on the internet instantly. First, pick some of from social media then try them before your D-day or any function. It’s because every hairstyle has its nature that depends on face shape and hair length.

-Never ignore your veil. Covering your head is a very effective aspect in deciding hairstyles.

-Don’t overdo! Sometimes we use so many hair accessories that instead of looking like a princess, ends up looking like a shiny clown.

– Outfits!! Never forget what you are wearing and specially the neckline of the outfit.

-Jewellery !! What kind of neck piece you are wearing?? So, before choosing hairstyle remember these and then go for your hairstyle.

main 2.jpg

1. Engagement or Sangeet Hairdo

Hairstyles for engagement or sangeet totally depends on your outfit. It depends on what is your outfit like some ball gown, tube gown or some light Indian lehenga. But if you are choosing any hairstyle for your sangeet then remember you are going to dance and your pictures can be ruined if you let free your hair completely. So half tuck or curl but make them manageable.



Simply Poker Straight Hair by Ritik   engagement 2.jpg


Half tucked messy curls is perfect to go with your traditional light lehengas or Indian gowns.


Spiral Curls with a artificial headpiece is something to rock your sangeet night in some Indo-western.


If you are wearing tube neck gown then go for some messy buns with floral beads and you’ll definitely slay it.


This hairstyle will go both in mehendi and sangeet too. How? If your headpiece is made of some fresh colourful flowers then it is for your mehendi or if it is like some shimmery artficial florals then it’s for your sangeet night.

engagement and mehendi.jpg

Messy bun again with artificial pin to go with your all kind of outfits.

messy buns engagemne.jpg

Textured bun with headpieces is to go with outfits which have collar neck. And if you want to wear it with your tube neck also then remember that you’ll be able to manage it.



Wavy hair with knot is amazingly new style which will go with everything. After all it’s free open hair.


Wavy Curls with headband!! Girls who want to let free your hair this one is for you.


2. Mehendi Hairstyles

Mehendi hairstyles and no florals!! What are you talking about??? Mehendi is all about floral decor and floral princess-the bride. Try to go for some open hair or side braids as they are very much in trend.

Half tucked wavy hair with floral accessories is very popular these days among brides.

me 2.jpg

This side braid with artificial baby breath flower is amazing. But before picking it try this as it doesn’t look on good on every face specially round face girls.

mehnd 6.jpg

Long hair blessed brides go for this. As you can see you can match these floral beads with your outfits too.

mehen 1

Half pony tail and wavy curls with floral accessories!!

mehnd 2

Floral messy side braids!

mehndi 8

mehendi 3

Fishtail braid with floral beads!

mehn 444

Half tucked hair with three messy braids!!

mehn 22

Front Bang braids with floral accessories!

mehn 4

Textured floral hair!!

mehendi 999

Floral braid!!

mehendi braid

Floral tiaras for open hair!!


3. D-day Buns

On wedding day most of the brides go for buns as they cover the head and that heavy veil can’t stick on head in free hair. Right?? Even I would say a real bridal look comes in the bun only. So, brides go for any bun but choose wisely. Don’t just focus on the back of your hairstyle for wedding but choose your front style according to your face shape.


Criss-cross baby breath flower low-hanging bun by Ritik


Baby breath front bang braid with low hanging bun. Girls go for this hairstyle if you are tucking your duptta in your bun only. If you are planning to cover from the top of your head then this is not for you.


Textured low-hanging bun with a floral line!


Again Low-hanging ringlet bun with flowers.


Full covered floral bun!!


Full-covered floral accented bun with metallic touch!!


This new colourful- pink and purple full covered bun has proved that floral buns are not going out.


wed 0

Baby Breath flower bun is the new trend of the season.


Front bang braid and back low handing bun.


Half Floral curly bun!




So, enjoy your wedding with some cool and modern hairstyles.


Author: The Gorgeous

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