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“Look at this beautiful saree! From where did you buy this?? What a royal piece??” I know, we girls always get ready to hear these compliments right?? Sometimes even after spending thousands on outfits, we don’t get much appreciation. so, let’s take note and save it somewhere because I am bringing you the most amazing outfit which is unbeatable by anything. Banarasi pure silk sarees, these words itself bring the most elegant trend with themselves.
I have grown seeing these beautiful sarees and still, they are constantly grabbing the market. Across the world, women are crazier about these royal pieces. And you can see from well-reputed celebrities to common well to do girls opting for banarasi silk sarees instead of georgette sarees. And why we shouldn’t! Even those brides who want to leave a first-ever royal impression then make your first entry in your roka by wearing beautiful banarasi silk. So, brides if you want to make your first elegant impression in-laws’ house then I would recommend these royal sarees or banarasi silk dupattas.


Gulati Editions

Since 1959, the most amazing clothing brand Gulati Editions is here to fulfil your beautiful dreams with their beautiful collection of handwoven Banarasi silk dupattas and sarees. The most amazing thing about their collection is that every single piece is not even handcrafted but hand-dyed too. The intricate and lush detail of golden and silver zari is worthy to include in your closet . If you want the most luxurious handcrafted banarasi silk sarees and dupattas then this is your dreamy stop to fulfil your utopian vision of royalty.

Here, I am giving you a little sneak into their lavish collection with prices. They offer services offline and online too. Contact info is given at the end.


Handwoven Golden Zari Banarasi Sarees

A beautiful collection of sarees in bright and modern colours. These sarees are handwoven by local artisans. Traditionally rich these sarees are the best way to stand out in a crowd.

Fabric- Pure Silk



Price- INR 14,000 onwards

Royal Blue Silver Zari Handwoven Saree

Hey bride or groom’s sister! If you are searching for an outfit for day festivities like mehendi and others, then this is your saree to raise the level of elegance.




Price- INR 15000 onwards

The Kanjivaram Silk

These days I have seen various brides are going for Kanjivaram Silk with a broad border for their wedding outfit. So here it is for you. Go for this pure silk saree to rock your function.


Price- INR 15,000 onwards

Multicoloured Handwoven Banarasi Saree (Rang Mahal)

This saree represents the true tradition of India. This is handwoven by local artisans in the heritage handloom which shows how richly it represents our culture. So, this is the best wear at a wedding because you can find other designer sarees look alike but it will make you stand out.

Fabric- Georgette


Price- INR 18000 onwards


Rang Mahal Sarees

Reflecting the culture of India, these sarees are made of pure silk fabric and handcrafted with golden zari by local weavers.


Price- INR 22,000 onwards

Pure Banarasi Dupatta

These banarasi dupatta by Gulati Editions are made of pure silk fabric. You can find the varieties of banarasi dupatta in bright colours as well as pastel and light colour too. They have a huge variety in this which is truly rich in culture. As sarees, the dupattas are also handwoven in golden and silver zari by local weavers. I will definitely say that there is nothing in this world which can make you look this royal then these banarasi dupattas.



Price- INR 15,000 onwards


Price- INR 10,000 onwards


Price- INR 8000 onwards


Price- INR 8000 onwards

I am sure you are in love with the collection Gulati Editions has.

Gulati Editions-

IG page-

whatsapp on +91 7998380000

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