New Alluring Bridal Lehenga Trends 2019-2020


Getting married in the winter season!! Then hurry, it’s a peak time for the purchase of wedding lehenga. These days so many trends come and go with a blink but some of them stay for a long time or forever. When you buy a bridal lehenga there are always so many thoughts in your mind like what kind of lehenga you should buy and what are the trends which you should follow and you shouldn’t. I know no one wants to look outdated especially on the wedding day. There are so many social media outlets who are serving you the most amazing lehengas pictures and brides but it depends on you which will suit you!

So, again I am here to help you out with some amazing trends of this year and constantly going to run in next season also. I am going to deal with some of the new trends or some of the evergreen trends.



– Never follow any trend blindly! Before selecting your lehenga you should keep so many facts in your mind like- fabric, weather, skin tone, day/night wedding, budget, jewellery if you have bought, etc.

– Always go for a customized option, not for ready-made!

– If you can’t afford designer lehengas then pick your design, buy your fabric and go to some well-reputed tailor or boutique. You can get your designer lehenga at a very low price.

1. All Over Pastel Palette

With Anushka Sharma’s pastel wedding lehenga, pastel palette has entered in our wedding culture with a bang and made never going out place. I have seen innumerable brides wearing pastels and showed the world that they are beautiful divas.

Day Wedding Pastel Lehengas- Generally pastel lehengas are designed for day weddings. These pastels lehengas are white stone or pearl embellished and embroidered on a pastel-hued base. So they can shine in the day like with giving a sober and elegant look to a bride.

pastle 1.jpg
pastel 7
pastel 3

Night Wedding Pastel Lehengas- As the brides are highly stick on pastels so there are designs which you can wear in night wedding. Try to find out some pastel colours like pastel peach with golden crystal detailing, or some zari, dabka traditional work which can make you shine among the lights.

pastel with gold

2.Floral Lehengas For Day and Night

The newest trend which is running this season is floral lehengas. I have seen some of the most amazing floral lehengas by Sabayasachi. 

Florals for Day Wedding- I have divided floral lehengas into two sections for a better understanding. Floral lehengas in prints or embroidered on pastel-hued base are for your day wedding.

floral day.jpg
floral day 2
floral 33
floral day 1

Floral Lehenga For Night Wedding- Floral shaped embroidery or detailed dabak, zadozi or stone work on beige, peach or some dark base is for your night wedding.

floral 4

3. Off-Shoulder Blouse With Lehenga

The most stylish new trend which caught everyone’s eyes is off-shoulder blouse pairing with full jadau choker set. This is the most different and soothing trend of the year.

off shoulder 7.jpg
off shoulder 6
off shoulder 1
off shoulder

4. Minimal Detailing Red Lehengas

Till now we saw full heavily embellished lehenga or thread work embroidered lehenga, which are still running in trends. But this season I caught a new trend of minimal embellishment and embroidered lehengas.

light red 1.jpg
light red
light red 4

5. All-Red Embroidered Lehenga

Okay! So everybody knows this is Priyanka Chopra’s wedding lehenga inspired trend. Yes, after the diva introduced us with this all-red heavily embroidered lehenga, this became a trend among brides. But you can say it’s not going too far now. Fading out from the market.

priyanka lehenga
all red pri

6. Front Dupatta Contrast with Lehenga is Out and The Veil is A New Contrast Now

2018 was full of front dupatta contrast with lehengas. We saw much amazing contrasts and we loved them. But they are out now and brides are going for the headcover dupatta or second dupatta for contrast.

second dupatta con
second dupatta cont
second dupatta c
second dup

7. All In One Hue

As above I mentioned still brides like to include contrast in their look. But according to new trends, most of the brides are inclined towards all in one colour lehenga.

brocade lehenga
all in
red full.jpg

8. Panelled/ball Lehenga

Slightly different from flared lehengas, today’s panelled lehengas are trending now. They are easy and manageable, and a good flare you have.

panel 4.jpg

9. Sexy Plunging Neck Line Blouse

This is the new trend since Deepika Padukone wore this in her reception. But it depends on how much you are comfortable wearing such a sexy neckline. As I am not. If you are comfortable then only wear it. Don’t go for this just because it looks good on someone else.

v neck blouse.jpg
v neck 6

10. The Long Trail/Train

This year was so full of new trends and I have seen so many brides in real implementing these. But this trend is to add elegance to your bridal entry. This can be a little bit unmanageable but look very stunning.

veil 3

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