How To Get Modern Chic Mehendi Look 2019!

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I bet, our beautiful brides to be are in a huge mess right now. Aren’t you? 2019 is still not done with winter festive season and I have seen the most unique, stylish and dreamy mehendi look worn by brides. Some of them are trendy regal, and some are  beautiful modern chic look. Now it’s a tough call what to choose- regal one or modern chic one. So here I am to help you how to get modern looks with some most amazing unseen inspirational looks…

Modern Chic- Very breezy, so comfy and manageable western mix Indian ethnic look! The minimal jewellery or no jewellery, loose open curls or braids and some contemporary designer outfits which have western touch are some essentials to get modern chic look. Really? Yes my beauties, to get modern chic look you are not done with the outfits but from head to toe you have to plan accordingly.

modern chic 7.jpg

Regal Mehendi Look- If you are not a modern chic kinda bride then don’t worry this regal mehendi look is so popular among Indian brides even overseas too. In 2019, we saw various minimal contemporary look and regal mehendi look, but the popular choice was of regal mehendi look. With the regal look, you can pull off the timeless traditional stunning queen’s look. (My next blog would be about regal look.)

Now we’ll talk how to get modern chic mehendi look!

Basic Steps To Follow To Get Modern Chic Mehendi Look-

Jewellery- If you want a charming edgy mehendi look then try minimal elegant jewellery or no jewellery. Nowadays, brides are not that much crazier about floral jewelleries as they used to be in 2018- mid 2019. For modern chic mehendi look, you have three options to style your jewellery-

 Go for elegant metallic or you can mix both floral and metals together. These days modern brides are ditching floral necklace for heavy earrings or math tika. The most popular flower of our modern brides is baby breath flower, specially for head jewellery.


jewel 2

Simply minimal floral jewellery, and ditch necklace so you can spill your modern vibes.

jewwl 1

Minimal metallic jewels and no necklace. 

jewel 3

Outfits- The outfits play a major role in your mehendi look. For a beautiful modern bride mehendi look, you need to pay attention on design, colour, embroidery or details of the outfit. Check these factors mentioned below-


Colour matters to an extant to give you a bright edgy look. So choose the colour of the outfit wisely, specially don’t go traditional. (Exceptions are available.) Colours like- blue, pastels, different shades of green, etc. works easily.

outfit’s designmodern chic 0.jpg

I will add a comment here that wisely choose mehendi outfit design. It shouldn’t be traditional lehenga choli but try some off-beat breezy, fashionable outfits like, crop top & skirt, draped saree, jumpsuits,etc. Mainly the designs which are inspired by the western outfits, you can say.


mehendi modern.jpg

modern chic 3.jpg

moderb chick 2.jpg

modern chic 13.jpg

modern chic 5.jpg

Elegant intricate embroidery like threadwork, floral prints, which is far away from traditional zardozi, zari, dabka, gotta patti, etc. kind of work. 

modern chic 4.jpg

modern chic 12.jpg

Makeup- If you want an edgy mehendi look, then outfit and makeup work parallel if anything goes wrong then your look can ruin your day. I am here with some beautiful, contemporary mehendi makeup looks for the inspiration.

Dewy makeup & bold, highlighted glittery smokey eye makeup in metallic colours with light glossy pink lips to bring out your inner beauty.


Peach Pink makeup for the brides who want makeup but minimal. So peach pink lips, luminous blush and lightly highlighted smokey eyes.


Matching Ombre eyes!! The most recent makeup trend of the season is to make a beautiful match with outfits or floral jewellery.


These makeup looks are by Orange The Salon.

 For the most stunning and attractive colourful mehendi outfits go to these two famous bridal couture labels- (Find your inspiration here.)

– Papadontpreach by Shubhika-

-Poonams Kaurture –

Inspiration for Modern Chic Outfits-

modern inspo 2.jpg

modern regal inspo.jpg


modern chic inspo 2.jpg

modern chich 10.jpg

modern chic inspo 3.jpg

modern chic 16.jpg

Now, you are all ready to rock your mehendi look in a very fashionable modern look.


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